"Had a lovely relaxing last night at the Pamper party with the girls yesterday! Definitely needed after the last few days and my back is feeling much better, Thanks Megan Bearpark and Total Equilibrium" BS, 2016




“The Breathing and holding notes is definitely easier and my range is just easier to access and support properly” By JG 2016




“I found that my high notes were a lot more freer when I did warm up” AS 2016




“Biggest difference is lung capacity” CR 2015




“My control and range were definitely improved. Everything felt much more relaxed and moving around stage was easier too. I think you might be magic?!” JG 2015





A big thank you!


I have been with Total Equilibrium for over a year now; the regular massage has helped with my general back pain and leaves me feeling utterly stress-free! Megan has perfected a wide variety of massage techniques and she is always flexible in her approach, which means I can choose specific treatments depending on how I feel that day. LF, 2015


“Thank you Total Equilibrium, my hot stone massage at the weekend was awesome :) felt so relaxed after and it really released all the tightness I had in my back” LH 2015


“Absolutely amazing! I've had a tension headache for 3 days and Megan Bearpark at Total Equilibrium has worked her wounder a and I feel like a new women already planning my next treatment one happy lady who will sleep like a baby tonight” KJ 2015