Megan is one of the only Massage therapists in Wales to provide Vocal massage. Vocal Massage has been proven to have positive effects on vocal sound, control, range and tone. This unique massage is popular with various professionals who use their voice within their career, including Musicians, Singers, Actors, Actresses, Public Speakers and Teachers.


Vocal Massage assists in optimal relaxation of the muscle groups associated with voice production, promoting improved and controlled breathing and therefore voice production. Continuous maintenance of these muscle groups are an important factor to consider and can be facilitated through Vocal massage.


A treatment will normally include a variety of specialised and advanced techniques including muscle energy work, fascia techniques, lymphatic massage, inhibition (trigger point massage), distractions, tractions, articulations, soft tissue, deep massage and stretches.


As part of a treatment Megan will assess and work with you to improve your posture allowing you to breathe easier and fuller, once again having a positive effect on sound production. Vocal massage is also a perfect relaxation method to use when preparing for a BIG performance, interview or presentation. Allowing you to ease nervous tension and feel prepared for the task in hand.




1 hour at - £55




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